We support innovation projects

Go through our model factory and live the experience how modern production plants can implement automation and digitization solutions.

Recognize innovation potentials

in your company

and develop concrete project ideas together with us.

Learn about technologies, methods or best practice examples

and meet possible implementation partners.

As a competent partner in the fields of automation technology, digital factory and industry 4.0, we support small and medium-sized companies in Brandenburg in the development and implementation of innovation projects.


Our cooperation partners include universities, research institutions and associations. As a result, we have a large network with which we can target and successfully support the activities of small and medium-sized companies on the way to the production of tomorrow.


The integration of information and production processes with the help of various automation and digitization technologies is the basis for the implementation of a modern industry. This ensures the availability of real-time data that enables flexible control of production processes.


The individual fields of action on which the Innovation Center focuses are inseparable from each other. Rather, the transitions between the individual technologies are fluid. The IMI Brandenburg focuses on three topics:





In the model factory operated by IMI Brandenburg, entrepreneurs can see the use of new technologies in production or obtain information about reference projects that provide starting points and ideas for improving and optimizing their own processes.


On an area of about 1,000 m² robot-assisted automation solutions, modern milling centers as well as technologies and applications from the fields of virtual / augmented reality and information systems are presented.


The model factory is undergoing constant expansion and conversion in order to adapt it to the needs of the Brandenburg companies.


LBR KUKA iiwa - intelligent industrial work assistant

Robotics operation in energy and supply engineering

​ AR / VR in the planning of plants and assembly processes

Worker assistance with augmented reality technology

Interactive map 4.0

SME Robotics | one piece and small batch assembly with robots


Against the background of current trends and developments, it is important not to miss the leap to the digitized value chain. Unlike often suggested, there will hardly be finished solutions "off the peg". Rather, it is about selecting of those options from the portfolio and integrating and adapting them to one´s own company-specific needs, which promote sustainable growth to the company. The diversity of related concepts and technologies as well as their different levels of maturity make this a complex undertaking. Small and medium-sized enterprises can receive support from IMI Brandenburg.

How is the process going?

In a four-stage process, the Innovation Center supports the development of approaches, the concretization of ideas and the implementation of resulting innovation projects. Depending on the starting position, you will start in the first or second step.




Information and awareness

Starting points and ideas

In a keynote speech, we briefly and concisely present the topic of Industry 4.0. At the beginning, we would like to visit you in our own company. Alternatively, you can visit the model factory of the Innovation Center.

We convey basic information on the topic based on the individual status and previous knowledge.



On-site inspection and identification
of unused potential


In the second step, we carry out a potential analysis doing on-site inspections and leading personal interviews.


We determine the initial situation, the individual strengths and weaknesses as well as the optimization potential of the company.




State of the art and

options for action

We prepare a strategy paper in the third stage. This contains the key results of the potential analysis, provides information on the state of the art in the respective area of interest and highlights strategic options.

You will get an overview of concrete options for action including an estimate of the effort and necessary investments.



Search and mediation of

development / implementation partners


After the concretisation of the strategic plan, we will search and mediate suitable development and implementation partners based on the company needs of action. You will also receive information about funding opportunities.

The foundations for your innovation project have been created.



In lectures, discussions or workshops, knowledge and best practice experiences on technologies, methods and procedures in the fields of Industry 4.0 are conveyed.


In addition, through the participation in regional and national conferences and trade fairs, such as the Hannover Messe, the broadest possible audience will be informed and sensitized.